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“Connection is why we’re here; it brings meaning and purpose to our lives.”
Brene Brown

At Positive Solutions International, we aim to help people strengthen the connections in their lives and build better relationships. Whether it be with your partner, your children, your friends, colleagues, or students, our approach will help you connect more authentically, communicate more honestly, and live more courageously.

My name is Cristina, and I founded Positive Solutions International, because as someone who has been living internationally as an expat for the past five years, I have realized how important connection is to our lives. We live in a world where technology offers us so many opportunities to connect, yet it feels like many people feel more disconnected than ever. I have successfully brought people together and built communities on three different continents. Let Positive Solutions International strengthen your community and deepen your connections today!

Cristina founder of Positive Solutions International

Positive Discipline

Are you tired of getting into power struggles with your children, partners, and colleagues? Would you like to develop better communication skills and a deeper understanding of others’ and your own behavior? Do you want to enjoy greater connection in all of your relationships? Positive Discipline, created by Dr. Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott based on the psychological theories of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs, helps us to understand the motivation behind misbehavior and develop relationships that are built upon connection and mutual respect.

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The Solution-Focused approach to coaching helps you to recognize your strengths and find the answers within. Whether you are contemplating a career change, struggling with a relationship, or experiencing general dissatisfaction with your life, Solution-Focused coaching can help you make the necessary changes to achieve your goals.

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Child Safeguarding

Keeping children safe so that they can flourish into healthy and positive contributing members of society should be the top goal of not just parents and educators, but of all community leaders. Learn how Positive Solutions International can teach you about current best practice in child safeguarding.

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“I have known Cristina for several years and had the privilege of facilitating her Advanced Candidate Training in Positive Discipline. Cristina is passionate about connection and about bringing both mutual respect and practical skills to individuals and relationships. I am happy to recommend her services.”

Cheryl L. Erwin, MA, MFT

Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer

“I have had the great pleasure of knowing Cristina both personally and professionally for several years. During that time, I have been impressed by her dedication to teaching and learning, as well as her passion for supporting others. Cristina is a respected friend, colleague and member of her community, and I admire her deep care for humanity. In addition, she is a natural leader and invites her colleagues to feel comfortable in any cooperative activity or discussion.”

Joy Marchese, MA, CPDLT

Founder, Positive Discipline UK & Co-Founder, iGROWco

Cristina brought the Positive Discipline class for parents to our school (Bonn International School, Germany). This class provided great tools for parenting our children in a positive manner – tools that we could go home and use immediately. In addition to the training, Cristina’s leadership cultivated a community of parents supporting each other which has continued beyond her tenure at the school. I also was fortunate to participate in the “Teaching Parenting the Positive Disciple Way” course Cristina led, with the goal being to provide parents like me with the skills to lead parenting classes and continue to spread the methodology to our community. Cristina’s passion for the children she works with is apparent and her advocacy for bringing parenting classes to our school was just one way this was demonstrated.

Krista Ferguson

Parent – Bonn International School

“Having taken part in both the teacher and parent workshops with Cristina, I introduced a lot of positive discipline techniques into my daily classroom routines. It changed the atmosphere of the classroom for the better and really helped to create a safe space where all students, even those who were extremely shy to begin with, felt comfortable to share just about anything at our class meetings. The sense of belonging and mutual respect in that class far surpassed any others I had in my twelve years of teaching. I highly recommend Cristina’s workshops to anybody who cares about connecting with their students.”

Mikie O’Shea, ES Assistant Principal

Seisen International School

“I have had the pleasure of taking Cristina’s Positive Discipline workshops at the beginning and middle of our school year. She is an excellent storyteller and gives participants practical tools to use in classrooms and at home. To me, one of the biggest take-aways from her workshop was adopting the ‘Connection Before Correction’ mindset. Since participating in Cristina’s workshops, I feel much more capable of meeting my students’ needs.”

Ciara O’Shea, Grade 4 Teacher

Seisen International School

Cristina’s knowledge about culture, respect and connection are evident in her practice as a facilitator. I witnessed this in the Positive Discipline Advanced Trainer Candidate workshop in Barcelona in 2017. One of Christina’s strengths is that she first asks questions so that she provides support with empathy, clarity and deeper understanding.

Kelly Pfeiffer Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer

Founder of Go Interactive Training

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It is with deep gratitude to these educators, coaches, clients, and membership organizations that Positive Solutions International exists. Please visit and support them!

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