Have you ever spent time with a group of colleagues complaining about work? Do you notice how you feel- physically, mentally, and emotionally- after one of these sessions? Do you feel hopeful and excited to return to the office? Alternatively, have you ever spent time with a group of colleagues sharing your gratitude for the successes you experienced- either personally or as a team? How does this feel?

The traditional method of counseling or therapy is problem-centered. As positive psychology researcher Shawn Achor joked in his viral Ted talk, “If you come into a therapy session with one problem, we want to make sure you leave knowing you have ten, because that’s how our business model works.”

The Solution-Focused Approach instead helps clients identify their strengths and how to use their personal resources to find solutions. Solution-Focused coaching is client-centered. Our coaches do not offer advice; instead they listen and ask pointed questions to help clients realize their own potential. This is usually accomplished in 5 sessions or less!

If you are contemplating a major life decision, such as a job or career change, beginning or ending a relationship, or just feel “stuck” in some part of your life, then Solution-Focused coaching can be for you!

If you are struggling with a relationship- whether it be with your children, students, partners, or colleagues, it is also possible to book Positive Discipline one-on-one coaching.

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“During my 3 years working with Cristina I watched her build a culture of community at our school. Through her kindness, empathy, and enthusiasm, she broke down silos and facilitated opportunities for colleagues from different divisions to connect on both personal and professional levels. Cristina has a clear passion and talent for cultivating empathy, respect, and collaboration amongst students, families, educators, and administrators!”
Jeremy Clark Fifth Grade Teacher, Charles Wright Academy